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With winter fast approaching, so is what I call “studio season”! Unpredictable weather in Utah and freezing temperatures can make outdoor sessions difficult to plan, but luckily we have an abundance of studio options in the valley. I’m all for a shoot in the snow, but in some situations, having a warm studio is ideal.

So here are a few of the top things I consider when choosing a studio for your session…

Location. How far do you want to travel? If a studio has the look you want is it worth the drive for you? Or would you like to stay somewhere close?

Price. Studios range in price from $50-$100 per hour to rent. Consider this when planning your session.

Style. Each studio is so unique. Do you want modern furniture? Creamy, neutral tones? Color rolls? Elegant and timeless? If you decide that a studio is the way to go for your winter session, I can guide you in choosing one that fits your vision the best. I’ll even handle the booking for you.

Who is a studio session ideal for? Honestly, anyone! But in the winter, I always suggest them for extended families, families with very young children, and lifestyle newborn sessions.

This session was done in one of my favorite studios while assisting another photographer, Simply Shelby by Mishae, and her stunning clients.

So what do you think? Are you sold on having your session in studio?

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