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Capturing Your Children Exactly As They Are

If you have children, you know that asking them to stand still for more than a few minutes at a time is a next to impossible request. In fact, it’s one of the first reasons clients tell me as to why they haven’t gotten family photos done in recent years. Being scared of how their children will behave.

As the first blog on my new website, I want to make sure that we address this right from the start! I am not here to capture one hundred images of your children perfectly posed. I am here to capture your children exactly as they are! From the nose scrunches to the laughs, my goal is to bring out the personality of your family and kids and have that reflect in the images that I deliver to you.

I loved meeting and capturing Savannah’s beautiful family. In just a mere 35 minutes we were able to capture some sweet portraits of her kids, as well as capture how they interact with one another. We had them run to burn off some energy. They played with their dog. They got individual time to take pictures with Mom and Dad. We even played with leaves for a minute to build up trust and capture some sweet childhood moments.

My hope is that during your family session, you can trust me enough to relax and not stress toooooo much when kids don’t act they way you wish they would. That you feel confident I will capture connection and smiles even in the candid moments, and that those photos are the ones you will cherish forever.

My best piece of advice?

Just. Keep. Smiling. No. Matter. What.

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